Staring Into The Second Half July 2nd

For the NASDAQ 100, its been a rally! Never underestimate the power of the Fed probably has to be the best lesson. The second best lesson is portfolio managers worldwide have tightened the diversity in their portfolios to focus on Nasdaq 50 stocks. The hedge funds that trade more frequently have made money both short and long this market.

With employment turning up from the deep lows, this is a late indicator but supportive of higher markets. Having the Nasdaq higher than February is apparently normal as it must have been undervalued then! The conversations around news flow are really difficult to absorb. There is an entire financial analyst community using earnings to value markets, yet the earnings for 80% of the publicly traded market are going to come in dramatically lower. So the discussion has evolved to only looking at 2021 earnings, because we have already had a re-rating for 2020. That conversation does not fly with me at all. Who can guess what 2021 is going to look like?


I will say this. The Schnell Strength index continues to stay above 75% and the Nasdaq market continues to drift higher. The $SPX is still grappling with the change in market behaviour as shown on the chart below. The early June highs are a hurdle, but Thursday, July 2nd we are pushing above the horizontal resistance at 3150. Can we close above there?

There are lots of areas of the market that appear to be setting up for a move higher in the second half. As the COVID19 cases expand worldwide, this continues to be a news generated headwind but price actions in the leading names are definitely higher.




Lots of new names are emerging in leadership here and it is important to not miss the start of new trends.

What does the second half look like?

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