The Dance – March 19th, 2021

The S&P 500 broke out to a new high, and then failed to hold it and fell back below the prior high to end the week. The NASDAQ tried to rally, but ended up having a down 3% day on Thursday. That’s not what we’re expecting for our next leg higher. We also saw Crude Oil fall down heavily 7% in one day for a big reversal on the week. I got a sell signal on oil related charts this week.

With the Fed meeting and quadruple options expiration, there was a reason for all kinds of volatility. The market responded with a wild and whippy Thursday and a little bit of a bounce on Friday on the NASDAQ. The two steps forward, one step back, dance party isn’t that bullish. The NASDAQ has the potential for a topping structure to complete.

Globally we also saw more weakness. We have some charts starting to break down on other parts of the world. Asia looks particularly weak. Some European markets were hitting new highs this week so that seems to be better but definitely an area to watch in the week ahead.

I saw this uptrend in the picture while driving this week. I chuckled relating it to the stock market! when I am using tree-tops to draw the trend line you know we are up significantly. A few weeks ago, I posted a short 2-minute video about the comparison to 2000 and the current market. I’ve updated the video this week and posted a link in this newsletter. We continue to be right on track with it. This is one of those weeks where we could break the analogy and not end up in a bigger bear market correction. But we’re at that point. Let’s not fall asleep here and assume that all the stimulus is going to work out well.

The Australian market, the Australian currency, the emerging market ETF (EEM), and the emerging market currency ETF (CEW) all are trying hold important trend lines. With the Shanghai market breaking the trend last week and continuing lower this week it’s not a good look. Why are these other markets starting to weaken?

Summary: The SSIH indicator rolled over mid-week. Is it whiplash or are we heading down lower now? We only moved down a few percentage points, but it is hard to flip this indicator back-and-forth as it uses weekly data. I would suggest making sure your profits are protected or try to find a way to reduce position size if this market starts to break. It is a really important week as charts like Tesla are barely hanging on their trend line. Further weakness in theme stocks like Tesla as an example probably won’t be helpful. I got more buy signals on gold charts this week, carrying over from my gold trade ideas last week. Let’s hit the charts

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