Quarterly Newsletter: Taking care of your financial peace of mind

Benefit from these informative articles in our ClearWater Private Wealth Fall Newsletter.

The leaves are changing colours, the air is crisp and we’re all back into the swing of things. We hope you and your family enjoy the Fall. 

We’re pleased to provide you with the latest issue of our newsletter, covering a variety of financial topics – from investing to personal finance to wealth planning. Here are some highlights:

  • Market volatility and downturns can challenge anyone’s peace of mind. See the article on page 1 for ways to stay calm while waiting for your portfolio to recover.
  • It’s only natural for some of your financial goals to change as your life evolves. Find out on page 2 why you should tell us about any change.
  • Do you find yourself checking your investments very often? An article on page 4 pinpoints when that is and is not a problem. 

Please get in touch anytime you want to discuss your investment program, whether for a brief chat or a formal portfolio review. 

Here is the Fall edition of our client newsletter, including these useful articles:


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P.S. Thinking of making a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) withdrawal in the near future? See the article on page 4 to find out why you might want to withdraw funds before the end of the year.