Chopped Summer Salad – July 10, 2021

The indexes bounced up and down this week alternating days. Ultimately, we finished on the highs. In the breadth work on the video, I mentioned there was an initiation thrust suggesting renewed enthusiasm on Friday.

The dollar is at a key inflection point. It would appear to me to be trying to roll over lower. That would be my bias, but it has not broken down yet. It is trying to break trend line resistance to the upside. If that stalls and reverses lower, I expect a big resurgence into the commodity related trades. Stay tuned on oil, industrial metals, gold, silver, rare earths, and lithium as examples.

The dollar seems to be a light switch here, with lots of trades pivoting around it currently. It traded in the same range as last week for the most part. A declining dollar seems to help the $SPX stock market rally easily, whereas a rising dollar gives us a slower, more laboring rise.

The big banks start the heavy reporting season this week. The financial charts look ready to turn back higher, so that could be the interesting sector for the week.

Summary: The indexes are continuing to hit new highs. The wobble this week was a small problem, but we bounced back down on the Put/Call ratio as it was hitting a level where most market turns higher start from. Interestingly, we hit the put/call ratio very close to new highs.

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