The market took a while to break down, but in it’s first week of correction we are already close to the levels when the early warning triggered from the SSIH. The market confirming the SSIH breaking down is comforting but not richly profitable. It’s avoiding the carnage. When the market keeps pushing higher as my strength indexes fall, it makes me ponder a lot more about my work. The 49% level last week looked terrible, only to watch the market make higher highs Monday. By weeks end, we wiped out all of the gains for 2021 and the group of charts I rely on confirmed the break. The SSIH data spoke as bluntly as the cowboy on a sunny day. “Careful. We’ve seen these storm clouds before, even though we are currently in the sun.”

Last week’s move into tech was short lived as big names that popped up, all pulled back. However Tesla, which marginally (2%) followed the big surge up the week of the 15th, dropped 13 % from an all time high ($900) this week. Tesla has been a market darling but it has a lot of weak attributes on the chart after a significant run. I have put a daily chart of Tesla in the newsletter, as the change of character on the chart suggests Monday’s high might be a significant high. I don’t own it so its easy for me to say. These story stocks can be good
indicators of major changes.

Anyone who had a great year in 2020 expects the good times to continue. The way I analyze data, I don’t see it being as smooth as that, but I do expect a big commodity run in 2021.

The index breakouts from around the world starting the month all failed by the end of the month. That is a daunting view of global weakness. The challenge is for the vaccine to get rolled out. While the US is vaccinating 1.25 Million a day, Canada has no vaccine available and it appears to be at least another 2 weeks for a minimal shipment. This will be the next area of concern, as some countries are vaccinating quite quickly while others have no access to vaccines. This drags out the recovery.

Summary: I will continue to protect capital. As the SSIH drops even lower, it validates my bias. We are now looking for the market to turn up as all three are below 25, but quite frankly, I expect it to take a little more time for the correction. I’ll move to shorter timeframe scans to help us find buyable dips like the early November low. Let’s hit the charts.

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