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A Fresh Look at RRSPs for 2021: A Roundup of Key Strategies for Accumulation and De-Accumulation

Now, in 2021, sixty-four years later, the plan is a centrepiece of Canadian retirement plans: occupying the dominant position once held by venerable vehicles such as the Defined Benefit (DB) pension plan. Now, with the TFSA increasingly becoming a favoured option for Canadian savers, RRSPs are sometimes being put on the back burner.

2020 Year End Tax Planning

2020 will no doubt go down as one of the most monumentally disruptive and headline-intense years on record. Nonetheless, even a global pandemic is no excuse not to get your planning ducks in a row and consider ways to economize on taxes and plan your wealth strategies for the 2020 year end. As we enter the final weeks of 2020, we’ve listed a few helpful strategies that may be useful across..