ACPI Client Portal – Day 1 Client Instructions

Aligned Capital Partners Inc. (ACPI), our registered dealer, officially changed custodians on July 21st 2023, from National Bank Independent Network (NBIN) to CI Investment Services Inc. (CIIS). Although CI may not be a familiar name to most, they are an independent Canadian company offering global asset management and wealth management advisory services holding more than $330 billion in assets (as at June 30, 2022). Overall, this change will allow our team to more effectively and efficiently service our clientele, while maintaining our extensive and flexible product portfolio.

The primary change you will notice initially is that we are introducing a brand new Client Portal and with it we will be setting up new corresponding login credentials. We have provided a detailed login instructions guide, titled “ACPI Client Portal Day 1 Client Instructions” below. Along with the new login credentials, we have included multi-factor authentication steps to ensure that we provide the highest amount of security and protection with respect to your personal information. To start the process you need about 5 minutes, your SIN number and the activation link to your new: Client portal (also found in the instruction guide above).

Once you’ve activated your account, the easiest way to access your investments is by visiting our webpage: and clicking on the link (“Click Here to Access your Investments Login Page”) in the top right corner.(On your mobile devices the link is found at the bottom of the drop down menu)

The other major change we are excited to share is the implementation of a more condensed and easily accessible tax package which will be made available early next year.


Have any questions? Reach out to us.