Quarterly Newsletter: Is there opportunity in market volatility?

Benefit from these informative articles in our ClearWater Private Wealth Summer Newsletter.

The warm weather has arrived, and we hope you and your family have a pleasant summer and enjoy your time together. 

We’re pleased to provide you with the latest issue of our newsletter, covering a variety of wealth planning topics – from education savings and retirement planning to investments and estate planning. Here are some highlights:

  • Market swings are known to cause anxiety among investors. But you’ll see on page 1 how volatility may come with a silver lining.
  • It’s customary to think that both spouses are expected to retire at the same time. Find out on page 3 why that’s not always the case.
  • You’ve made your will and appointed an executor. An article on page 4 outlines the next important step. 

Please get in touch anytime you want to discuss your investment program, whether for a brief chat or a formal portfolio review. 

Here is the Summer edition of our client newsletter, including these useful articles:


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PS. It’s said that one year’s losing investment can become the next year’s winner – and vice versa. See the table on page 2 for proof of the theory.

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